Saturday, June 12, 2010


Far beyond the frontiers of sanity
Lies hectares of untamed mindlands
Where chaos and order coexist
A halo unlit by normal thought lines
The mad zone
Birth place of all Madness
A field ablaze with fires of fantasy
Kept alight by fuels of ecstasy
Humans who cross the threshold
To these lunatic wonderlands
Unlocks the door in two ways
By chance when the mental fuse blows
Or through the divine portal
That brings forth ideas immortal
Both history and science
Principle pillars of human conscience
Proves beyond the gates of doubt
That bounties of brilliance
-Sometimes hammered on anvils of evil-
Can spark and glow
From these mental dark holes
And like molten magma
Explode into cataclysmic creations
That shakes the world
Shattering long held dogmas
And scattering powers and dominions
In these mystic mental dungeons
The Holocaust was hatched
The immortality of Mona Lisa designed
And the Rwandan massacre mapped
Standard theory of the madness
That claims man is born mad
And most of his actions inspired
By intentions to gain fame
And stoke the economic flames
Emanates from one insidious fact;
The mad zone is aglow in all souls
The only difference being the intensity
There is mild madness which creates
And acute madness which decimates
Or if portrayed in polarity
Positive madness breeds posterity
And negative madness bleeds brutality
This triggers the question;
How many acres of these lunatic lands
Pollutes the minds of terror titans
Like Taylor, Bin Laden and Mussolini
And men of gargantuan visions
Like Einstein, Drucker and Lamborghini
The ravenous floods of revelers
That jams and clogs fun houses
Emitting heat and sweat like swines
As bodies gyrate to boisterous beats
Propelled by unholy water and the devil’s sacraments
Are all in a quest to explore the Zone
And savor its fantasy fields and hypnotic hills

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