Saturday, June 12, 2010


Human bonds
Are held fast by four fluids;
Blood. Semen. Tears. Booze
But emotional fragility
Social instability
And the quest for tranquility
-Which from mankind oozes
Like decaying juices
From a dead hog’s bruises-
Leads to hallucinations
And imaginations
That germinates the Great Illusion
The Big Lie;
“Ungenetic Love”
That a bond can be born
Between those of different seed
And be as tight and soul-binding
As those baked from one womb?
Total Utopist bullcrap!
The cohesion between spouses
And the “emotionally” conjoined
Is just a bout of lust that lasts
Expressed in portions of patience
And pretentious politeness
Mankind is by nature a social beast
Remote controlled by instincts
And constantly assailed by urgent urges
Sometimes brought forth by semen surges
And sometimes by other external charges
That pushes him to seek a “soulmate”
But to conceal these hedonistic needs
And their vicious dimensions of greed
Reality is masked in bright robes
And like a tot’s quinine
Under a coating of thick sugar orbs
To make it easy to swallow and benign
Lust is pampered and flowered in lovelies
To sustain and maintain the network of lies
And hide the underlying crude animalistic cravings
To quench the emotional, physical, social and economic thirst
Hence the only true and timeless tie
Whose endurance is final and eternal
Is the one joined by the red juice of life
Sowed from the fusion of seeds maternal and paternal
The reason for this beef
Lies in a simple brief;
While semen glands can run dry
Tear bags drain to the last of their salty drop
And booze tanks clank empty if there are no hops
As long as the heart pumps
Rich, genuine, genetic love flows
And through the thickness of blood it glows
Making links joined by all other fluids
No more than Lust Refined

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